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League of Legends - jetboots

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Hearthstone - Jetboots

Last post before sleepy times

I am kind of sick of seeing the same things on my dash nightly, so lets spruce this bitch up a little. 

I want followers. But not just followers that have nothing I want to see, oh no, that would be silly.

I want followers the are League of Legends players, SWTOR players, Skyrim players, and all kinds of other things I tag. If you read this, follow, I follow back unless your blog is insanely annoying to me, and we will get along swimmingly. I’m not saying your blog needs to be dedicated to this shit, but it should crop up here and again.

This is a whoring campaign, if you don’t like it in your tag, too bad, that’s kind of the point of the tags, to find like minded individuals.

▫ Deus Ex ▫ Human Revolution ▫ Adam Jensen 


Why is he so hot… I hate games.

Adam Jensen is totally my man crush.