The Aether's Flow

Day of the worst league players that the game has to offer. No one on my team wasn’t negative besides me (again wow) and our Jungler couldn’t play fucking Udyr jungle. How hard is it? I did it and did it well. You smash your face on the keyboard and you win trades.

Get better, people.

I think the first cosplay I want to do is Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop. I kind of really love Jet and it would be a good entry level cosplay. It would give me experience with worbla as well, since I would probably worbla his boots for the most part. The hardest part will be his cybernetic arm, but I am sure I can get it done too.

Clothing wise, it would not be hard at all. Pink shirt and a jacket that I can paint the design on the back of. Yeah, this seems like it would be fun.

Healthy decision of the day: Have a spinach, broccoli, and feta salad instead of two delicious grilled cheeses. This saved me a huge chunk of calories for the day, which is great because I want burritos for dinner.

Like I always say, even if my team loses (horribly and pathetically) I still win as Talon. Only one on my team with a positive KDR. Teemo built AD Teemo and as never with us for team fights. Had he built AP, he could have actually done damage, if he had stayed with the group.

Lucian was just sad.


Pacific Rim 2

Going from 0/3 to 10/5 in 15 minutes. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM DAT MOTHER FUCKING TALON.


I’m not a huge fan of requests due to personal reasons, but you guys are so nice to me that I decided draw some suggested fusions in between commissions. There where so many that I simply couldn’t draw all of them so I’m sorry for that! Also, Flaremonchan is secrectly a super saiyan.


*sees a dog*

me: nice

*PETS a dog*

me: NICE





Arturo is a 29-year-old male polar bear currently living in Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo. He is suffering in 40C (104F) heat in an enclosure that has just 20 inches of water for him to swim in and has as a consequence been displaying worrying behavior.

Please sign this petition or at least spread the word in order to have Arturo transferred to a zoo in Canada which has better facilities for an animal that is used to polar conditions.

Please guys, if you could sign this it would mean a lot. I’ve been following this case for months and it’s infuriating how little this zoo and our goverment care about this poor guy. Let’s give him a happy ending.

Signed and reposted on facebook for polar bear fans, Cabin pressure fans, etc  Come on guys, his name is ARTURO (that’s ARTHUR!) and he’s 29! Polar Bears are BRILLIANT. And he deserves a better life!

Please keep reblogging this and if you haven’t signed, go and do it.

This makes me physically ill. This is an elder among Polar bears and he deserves better. However, he is old, I mean very old, and transferring a bear of this age could easily mean the end of his life. They would have to sedate Arturo, and considering his age, this may kill him. That doesn’t mean he should have to live is such deplorable conditions. He needs a lot of water to swim and cool down in, room to walk, and shady places to lay in. It’s horrible that this bears end days may be so hard for him, but a transfer to another zoo may also kill him. This sucks and breaks my heart :c these are my favorite animals ever.