The Iron Storm's Eye

Getting better with Zed.

Braum better have a fucking Poro involved in his kit somehow. I don’t care if it’s just his recall animation, there better be one.

Transistor comes out in 33 days and I am really excited to see what SGG did this time around. I know the soundtrack is going to be beautiful and the game looks amazing. But it will be really hard to top Bastion in sheer amazingness.

After having played Zed a good bit in both hard counter, mirror, and skill based matches in mid, I am getting a much better feel for the champion. Zed’s ultimate is where I am still having issues, as I always forget exact positioning. Sometimes, to get the ult off, I have to move some and forget how far I moved. It actually got me killed last game because I moved past one of the river brush, but thought the shadow was in that brush so I could break sight and confuse them.

That was not the case. Still, I am getting better with his high damage combo and double Q’s. Overall, favorite champion.

Quinn’s work is about encouraging tacos to be better for themselves and you!

Leaving to go to the airport soon. I am really nervous for some reason that she is going to be bored the whole time and AHHH why is my mind so stupid sometimes?

Alright, so we mostly all know about the theory that Zed and Nocturne are one in the same, in some ways. Whether it be the shadows he so covets corrupt him, or being born from Shen’s nightmare of Zed killing his father, the connection seems to be there.

Now, what I want to see is a skin like Deep Corruption Zed. Make him seething with darkness and all but a mindless monster looking to kill anything the light touches. No natural blades on him, only shadows forming his weaponry. Have his mask removed and part of his face being covered in shadow, bits and pieces of his human form still showing.

Or the exact inverse of that. The other ninjas think he can be redeemed, except Akali who wants him dead. So make a skin of that. Instead of shadows, Zed could be using Light or something for his skills. Or even that Chi that Shen uses for his shields.

I really wish they went more into lore in League, because there is so much shit they could do. Fuck, books worth of lore lies in their hands and they give us next to nothing.

Third Zed game for the night resulted in a nice score. The first two games were me remembering how to fucking play this powerhouse, the first game resulting in a very sloppy score and the second with me going even.

The other Zed was obviously new to the champion, as his skillshot/shadow double Q’s were very poorly aimed and his ult would always go for me, even though Zed can negate a Zed or Vlad ult by using his ult at EXACTLY the right time. The timing I have down to a science anyways.