The Aether's Flow


The Escape

Part of an on-going illustrated series I’m doing dubbed Memories of Snake Eater that I’m doing for fun. 11 by 17 inch art print is available for sale: read this post for more details!

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Being raised as a Southern boy, comfort food comes in the form of fried catfish. The edamame was so I didn’t feel like as much of a fatty.

Hmmm, I am feeling a bit bitter today. So, I am going to cook catfish and steam broccoli. I really don’t want to be bitter, but I guess it’s part of the process of life. Plus, I think because I am hungry as all get out, I am crabby.

Kookie kookie.

Yeah, let’s let the ilvl 57 Paladin main tank our trial, when we have an ilvl 90+ warrior. Are you fucking kidding me? Waste of my time.

I am going to tell a story that I don’t think I’ve really ever told before. I know I haven’t here, so I am going to. It has to do with my attachment issues. I am going to put it under a cut, so you all don’t have to endure, but if you want to read it, feel free.

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I find it kind of sad that Adventure Time is more comforting and reassuring than pretty much any show on TV. This is probably my favorite quote from the show.

Jake, you so smart.

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I am 4 pounds from my goal and things are starting to get very real for me. Once I hit the goal, I can do all the prelim work and find out if I am capable of joining the Air Force. I hope nothing would prevent me from doing so, but there is no way to know until the MEPs staff examines me.

Regardless, my weight loss won’t be in vain. Being healthy is never a fruitless effort, but I really hope that I can join.

I walked like 5 miles. I feel pretty good but goddamn are my legs tired. I really need to get some running shoes.