The Iron Storm's Eye

Just nine more levels and my Summoner will be capped. Then I can get that beautiful Summoners Robe. Mmmm.

I feel really bad for Miqo’te casters that have the Evenstar Coat… You really got shafted on that.

(See, it’s funny because their tail is erect and it looks like a butt boner)

Cooking ham, may make homemade mashed potatoes, and corn. This should be a good dinner.



Higher Quality pictures of the FFXIV Patch 2.25 Rank 40 PVP armor. 
Captioned for classes.


Also, I discovered I’m the only PVP’er in my entire FC.

The dragoon is freaking Snake Man from Megaman. That’s awesome!

I’ll probably end up farming Ifrit for his Grimoire because it looks just so amazing. It and the Wiyu Animus/Atma are probably my favorite books. I like the Wave Grimoire too, but UGH I love the kind of Demonic look to the Ifrit one. And it goes well with the Artifact gear.






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▫ luckthief 
It’s all about the DOTs and pet~ I think BLM is just, mostly, way easier to deal with.

I have BLM to 50 and the fact that is pretty easy makes it less appealing to me. It’s a class all about big numbers and little thought. Nothing wrong with that, obviously, but it’s not my style. Summoner is about watching two peoples position in essence, and ensuring you use your pet to it’s maximum potential.

Summoner just has more thought to it and I prefer that, but it’s not the job that is bad, since in the right hands they are pulling some of the best damage down over long fights. Plus another battle revive is always nice.

The little things that make me smile:

When stupid people tell you that Summoner is a shit job with no damage, only to be proven wrong by an entire group of people.

Just because a Summoner isn’t a burst class doesn’t mean they are doing low damage. Also, don’t assume Black Mages are worse than Summoners because they have overall lower DPS in some fights (supposedly) because they never have to stop the damage train. Both classes are very useful and can easily be in demand for spots in any raid.

I just love when some idiot in general chat says something stupid like “Why would anyone take a SMN over a BLM? SMNs blow dick.” And promptly get told by about 15 people that they obviously don’t understand the game.

Hmm yes, according to my book here, you are in fact a fucking nerd.


I am the cutest Summoner this side of Limsa.